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Antique US Springfield 1896 Krag Rifle #55474

Antique Serial #55474 This offering is for the pictured US Springfield Model 1896 Krag Rifle. In good looking condition, serial number dates to pre 1898 production! Maker marked from the Springfield Arsenal as the Model 1986 on the receiver. Metal finish is blued wearing thinning overall and a bit splotchy on the receiver and loading gate.

M1 Garand Serial Numbers - Fulton Armory

The serial number listings by month presented below were developed by Scott Duff, a recognized authority on and author of a series of books on the M1 Garand.The following information can be found in the books "The M1 Garand: WWII" and "The M1 Garand Serial Numbers and Data Sheets" found at Fulton Armory, and are used here with Mr. Duff's permission.

Four Bees: US M1 Steel Helmets & Liners, WW2 & …

Update 4-20-11: It appears that the numbers inside the helmet shell are probably the ID number for the soldier it was issued to. The typical numbering system of the 1940's, was to use the last name initial followed by the the last 4 or so numbers of their serial number. The number in this helmet is most likely this type of identification.

M1 Garand - CMP Forums

Sticky: New Order Timeline ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page) Garand Collector. 10-29-2021 12:24 PM. by Primos003. 12,532. 4,181,465. Sticky: The Official IHC Serial Numbers Thread ( 1 2 3 ...

Need help dating Vietnam War M1

Need help dating Vietnam War M1 The helmet itself is only missing the leather headstrap - where I believe the helmet's date of issue or use is. I dont know where else to look, and I cant find the Military records for the wearer (it is named but the sites all need money!)

Warranty / Return | Fodsports

If you want to return your product under warranty, please, follow our instructions: SEND US A FORM or email at [email protected] for troubleshooting; If the product is within the 1 year warranty period, Fodsports Technical Support will provide the customer with an RMA number. Please always Contact Us prior to returning the items by submitting a ticket to obtain an R.M.A form (Return ...

US M1 helmet: date of manufacture - War Relics

re: US M1 helmet: date of manufacture. There is a dating chart based on the heat stamp number used by McCord found in the book: Helmets Of The ETO by Regis Giard and Frederic Blais. This chart is approximate only but, it will get you within a few months time of manufacture.

WW2 M1 carbine guide | Markings, Manufacturers, Production

The M1 carbine guide. You will find here a thorough study of the M1 carbine (United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1) over the period 1941-45. We will first discuss the basic concepts, then we will see in more detail the characteristic elements of the M1 carbines of the second war.

M1A1 Paratroop carbine collectors guide – RJ Militaria

M1A1 Serial Numbers. Inland Manufacturing Division of General Motors was the only manufacturer of the M1A1 and manufactured approximately 140,000 by the close of the war. The M1A1 was manufactured in two main production runs, both of approximately 70,000. The first was produced and delivered from late 1942 through until October 1943.

Inland Carbine Serial Numbers Dates - herlasopa

Production Dates by Serial Number; Production Dates-Inland. M1 family m1 carbines! Inland M1 Carbine. It's possible these were exported to France under the name of, or by, a wholesaler. S/n 5002004 was never assigned to Standard-Products. It looks like it was assigned to Inland, and would date to about March 1944. ... Helmet liners were ...

SearchResults - Steffes Group, Inc.

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M1 helmet with name and serial number - STEEL AND KEVLAR ...

i have a M1 helmet with a westinghouse liner with the name herbert R. sloan RA 19 471 316, is this the serialnumber and what means the letters RA is it possible to find out in wich division / reg. this soldier was ?, this helmet was found in the ardennes i will try to find more info about this ...

KOREAN WAR ERA HELMETS – Armies of the Past

ditto, "18th infantry" regiment identified m1 fiber helmet liner, has "pick/ax mountain" decal on side (70% intact) with platoon srgt's stripe on front, has his name and serial #'ed inked on inside of liner, poor sweatband is dated 1953, vg+ overall. add to cart; item number: 04241856. sale!

un quality m1 | Pricing Guides Dictionary & Values

Variant M1 Carbine with X Serial Number,Variant M1 Carbine with X Serial Number, c. 1942, walnut stock with no markings and no sling cutout on the butt, rear of the receiver marked X61 with no WWII G.I. M1 Combat Helmet WWII U.S. Military WWII G.I. M1 Combat Helmet WWII U.S. Military M1 helmet with fiberglass suspension assembly for ground ...

Pre-War/WWII Era USMC M1 Garands |

A disproportionate number of 6th Marine Division M1 serial numbers have been found in recent years, with a noteworthy cluster being Fall 1944 production Springfield Armory Garands, mostly in the 3.2 million range, while others are six digit Springfield Armory Garands likely carried over from the Raiders, who received their M1s early.

How to Decode a WWII US Army Serial Number - Amy Johnson …

Something is off with your military serial number decoding. My father retired from the USAF in 1961 as a major. His name was Wilson Reid Lowther and his serial number was AO 860517. If you do a search on the web, you can find his name and this serial number I memorized as a youth, and his name on the USAF retirement rolls.

44th Collectors Avenue - Uniform grouping - M1 Helmet ...

Uniform grouping that belonged to US Army major C.G. Ball, army serial number 0-902558 This lot includes: - An M1 helmet, front seam / swivel bales with its original liner made by Westinghouse.

Vietnam War U.S. Army M-1 Helmet Named w/Serial Number ...

Details about Vietnam War U.S. Army M-1 Helmet Named w/Serial Number & Airborne Liner Vietnam War U.S. Army M-1 Helmet Named w/Serial Number & Airborne Liner Item Information

WWII USN M1 Helmet, front seam fixed bale with navy color ...

WWII USN M1 Helmet, front seam fixed bale with navy color, serial number 59A. Issued until 70s at least so with post war liner, but also with WWII sweat band.

M1 HELMET LINERS - All You Need To Know!

The M1 helmet was a unique and practical solution, compared to its contemporaries. A separate lining system had many advantages. Being light weighted it could be used without the steel shell for guard or ceremonial duties, whilst the shell itself could also double up as a wash basin in the Field. Brought into service in 1941 the M1 liner ...

Search for articles on military relics

Medal awarded to first British soldier killed during the Great War sells for £17,000 at Dix Noonan Webb Sale. By Military Trader. Aug 18, 2021. Book Reviews-Militaria Collecting.

What to Look for When Buying a WWII M1 Helmet (Beginner's ...

Your WWII collection is not complete without an M1 helmet and with roughly twenty-two million made during the war, acquiring one is a very achievable task; you only need to know what to look for.

NSN List | SureFire

Handheld G2 Nitrolon Single-Output Incandescent, OD Green. 2-4181. G2-TN. Flashlight. Handheld G2 Nitrolon Single-Output Incandescent, Tan. 1-7037. G2X-D-BK. Flashlight. Handheld G2X Pro Dual-Output LED, Black.

Museum – Battlefield Museum

Search for: SITE CONTENT. Antique Firearms (2) Confederate ... Captain Richard T. Ellis Silver Star Medal Serial Number 32 #19. See More. Iwo Jima Purple Heart Medal PFC Grover H. Britt USMCR #36 ... Doolittle Raider Medals & Documents Grouping #58. See More. WWII US Medic M1 Helmet #93. See More. US Navy M1 Fixed Bale Helmet with American Flag ...

Pre War/WWII USMC M1903s |

The mid 1930s would usher in many significant changes to the Marine Corps' M1903s, some of which were not well known until recently. Archival findings have shed light on the details of what exactly an early WWII era Marine M1903 would look like, and the result is a rifle heavily influenced by opinions of the marksmen that served on and commanded the Marine rifle team.

Collecting WWII-Era M1 Helmets: A Beginner's Guide ...

THE M1 STEEL HELMET. Adopted shortly before the United States entry into WWII, the first production M1 helmet shell was made of manganese steel coated in cork aggregate and dark olive drab paint. This combination gave the helmet a dark, coarse, appearance and texture. An alpha/numerical stamp is located on the lower inside front of the helmet ... - Advanced Search

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Swiss Model K11 Carbine #1911/112

Serial #1911/112 This offering is for the pictured Swiss Model K1911 or K11 Carbine. In good used condition, The original serial number (101976) dates production to 1921. Importers new serial number added to the receivers top. These were produced at the same time as the 1911 rifle for use with mounted or motorized troops.

Four Bees: US M1 Steel Helmets & Liners, WW2 & Vietnam War

Update 4-20-11: It appears that the numbers inside the helmet shell are probably the ID number for the soldier it was issued to. The typical numbering system of the 1940's, was to use the last name initial followed by the the last 4 or so numbers of their serial number. The number in this helmet is most likely this type of identification.

Echoes of Glory International Military Auction House ...

US Military WWII-Korea issue M1 Helmet & Liner (GDQ) Lot # 3 (Sale Order: 4 of 251) This US Military WWII-Korea issue M1 Helmet & Liner are in very good condition.

M1 helmet | Military Wiki | Fandom

The M1 helmet is a combat helmet that was used by the United States military from World War II until 1985, when it was succeeded by the PASGT helmet. For over forty years, the M1 was standard issue for the U.S. military. The M1 helmet has become an icon of the American military, with its design inspiring other militaries around the world. The M1 helmet is extremely popular with militaria ...

U.S. Military Dates of Manufacture

U.S. Military Model 1917 Rifle: Eddystone: Covering numbers: 1 - 1355000. Please enter a serial number and click the submit button.

Milsurps Knowledge Library - United States Milsurp ...

This is an excellent training video, which demonstrates through cut-a-ways and other training aids, the detailed principles of operation of the M14 Rifle. Includes design and capabilities - field stripping provisions, cycle of functioning, feeding, chambering, locking, firing etc. - semiautomatic and automatic operation. Department of the Army.

Need help for identification M1 Helmet

Need help for identification M1 Helmet. Hi. 20 years ago I was buying a M1 helmet, liner and cover in a surplus store in Switzerland. Now I try to identify the date of manufacture and the manufacturer. It would be nice if you can help me. Shell is stamped inside …

Warranty registration - SCHUBERTH

Your helmet model: How to find your serial number. The serial number for C4, C3 PRO and E1 can be found behind the zipper of the neckband. The serial number for C3, C3 BASIC, S2 SPORT, SR1 / SR2 and R2 can be found on the back of the chinstrap. The serial number for M1 …

1948 Penetration tests 9mm v/s .45acp

having a velocity of 1250 f/s penetrated the M1 helmet at 130 yards, which was further than any of the other ammunition tested. REFERENCE: Project TS2-7875-2024 J O 7875-6160. MATERIAL: 1. Weapons a. Browning FN 9mm Pistol, HP Inglis-Canada, Serial Number 8T2367 b. Colt Automatic Pistol, Cal .45, 1911A1, Serial Number 1651407. 2. Ammunition a.

A little history of Inland and its Carbines. - M1 FAMILY

A little history of Inland and its Carbines. A little history of Inland and its Carbines. WW2 Guns! -Main Plant Location: Dayton, Ohio. -Average Cost to Government per completed rifle, $37.75. -Approximately 2,632,097 total Carbines were made by Inland: About 43% of all M1 Carbines made. ---T2 Carbines, Unknown.

The U.S. Caliber .30 Carbines - Serial Numbers

Dating a carbine by its serial number alone is difficult and not always accurate given the circumstances inherent with manufacturing and the logistics situation during the time the carbines were manufactured. Some people estimate a carbine's date of manufacture by adding the quantities manufactured month to month to the assigned serial number ...

The US M1 Helmet guide : production, types, details, liners

The US M1 helmet is standardized on April 30, 1941 and is approved on June 9, 1941. The M-1 helmet, differ from the other models by this construction in two independent parts that we call the heavy pressed steel helmet with stainless steel rim (Body) and the light fiber helmet (Liner). Its shape remained unchanged throughout the conflict, but ...

Serial Numbers Vietnam -

serial nunbers were given out in small blockes to recruiting districts and assined in order of enlistment my plt had people with 129---- an 13----- 03-19-10, 08:53 AM #9 Old Marine